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Alton Miller
Alton Miller
‘In the world of House Music, there are but a few who have stood the test of time, Alton Miller is one of those true house music innovators still contributing to the genre. . Alton comes to the world painting a musical canvas. Molded, shaped and reared on Stevie Wonder, Santana, Parliament Funkadelic and the Philadelphia sound, he grew to be an avid clubber. On a frenzied tour of clubs in North America Alton began honing his skills under the electrifying energies of Ron Hardy, Frankie Knuckles, Larry Levan and Timmy Regisford. Alton, along with his friends, set out to recreate the energy and atmosphere they experienced in the clubs and opened the world renowned dance club The Music Institute.

The Music Institute was one of the epicenters of the underground House and Techno Movement where Alton and Chez Damier shared a residency on Saturday nights helping to create the musical volcano that erupted worldwide in 1988. Alton’s affinities for rhythms inspired him to take up conga drumming, leading to an accompaniment for the locally based Katherine Dunham Dance Company. Drumming and its connections to rhythms of all music have proven to be influential to his musical growth.

Alton has recorded and released music for some of the best independent labels in the industry. With a catalogue that boasts an astounding 120 plus songs along with recent releases his musical creativity seems endless. His third studio album released spring of 2007 garnered him a nominee for album of the year award in New Zealand. Guidance Recordings and BPM Records were plateaus for Alton’s inner growth as a musician and songwriter / producer. Past and recent releases include recordings for Planet E, King Street/Nitegrooves, Trackmode Records, Seasons, Octave Lab and this year Alton scored a number one on the digital dance music site Traxsource with his release on the renowned label Defected entitled “When The Morning Comes” co-written with Amp Fiddler and Kyle Hall. “Light Years Away” is his latest offering in a career mired with quality music. Finely crafted over two years, Light Years Away is an album in the true sense of the word, not a collection of singles compiled to fit the format, but rather, an album created with great care to give the listener maximum pleasure from beginning to end.

“ WAITING FOR YOU“ is out now on Kings of Grooves records and this blazing new hot track featuring Thato, an accomplished singer/songwriter from South Africa, is transcending boundaries and is just a taste of what’s to come as Alton is due to release a new album at the end of the year on Moods and Grooves recordings.

From 1989 to present Alton has toured Canada, Chile, England, France, Japan, Switzerland and various other countries defining House music as he has experienced and lives it. His ability to connect with a floor of 50 to thousands of dancers is nothing short of awe inspiring. Never afraid of mixing the old with the new, Alton’s d.j. sets are simply magical. Hearing Alton dj defines what House music and Hi Tech Soul is all about.