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Jad Cooper
Jad Cooper
With solid musical foundations in saxophone, piano, and bass complimented by years of djing along with a physics degree, Jad is constantly pushing the boundaries of the current musical landscape. Drawing on musical experiences spanning the globe with roots in Africa, later living in North America, Europe, and Asia with long residences in London, Montreal, New Orleans, finally culminating in New York, his sound is an amalgamation of his passion for world music seeped in groove and dance.
The breadth of his work is a testament to his eclectic musical upbringing and global perspective. His work has either been remixed or he has remixed the following artists: Honey Dijon, Joeski, Tom Stephan (Superchumbo) Casey Spooner (FisherSpooner), Sia, Lauren Flax, Alexander Technique, Audio Kode, Larry Tee, House Wives (LaFleur) and Dirty Disco Youth. Jad has releases on such labels as Kinetika Records, Unknown Season, Terminator Records, De-Noize Records, DJs Are Not Rockstars, Aztec Records and Aquarius Records. Never wanting to be constrained to one type of sound or technology, Jad will be further expanding the frontiers of music in the new decade.