UNKNOWN season


DJ Hirose has been taking remix works for many artists not only Japanese artists but also from overseas. Once if you know his sound skills and senses as a sound maker, you would understand at all, why he works with so many artists from all over the world. DJ Hirose handles various range sounds from South Africa’s organic beats to European heavy electronic sounds. His sense of music selection and mixing are no doubt to be as a world standard class that attracts everyone who has ever listened to his sound. His deep passion for house music sounds makes his world of dance music, is his DJ itself. Gathering the heated atmosphere and makes people feel great with his harmonized sounds. This is DJ Hirose. In 2010, by his superb skills and grooves, he won the grand prize of DJ contest Pataganica in 2010. Soon later he went on South America Chile tour and came back with great admiration from over the world. Now he works as the resident DJ/Creative Director of WEEKEND WARRIORZ which is creative group that stands for Tokyo club scene. Always defeat his own DJ style in a good way, and expressive DJ style has been catching party people’s mind and soul. He is definitely one of the DJ from whom works will be expected most from now on.