UNKNOWN season


Kyoko Kamichika
This deep house DJ with the career for more than ten years had the first DJ experience at "Base" in Asagaya. Since then she played in the clubs such as "module" "ROCKWEST" "Loop" "Club Asia" where you can feel the dance floor closer. Later on, she had the opportunities to play in the places like "Space Lab YELLOW" in NishiAzabu, and "ageHa". At the same time, she still likes the underground parties and she has been an active DJ in Shinjuku area on a regular basis . When she started as a DJ, she preferred the techno and hard tracks, but as she got influenced by such as Jimpster who presides "Freerange Records" and Milton Jackson, she is more involved in deep house music where her style is right now. She still gets the influence from her past experience, and is creating her own style interweaving the electronica and techno with the deep house. In September, 2012, she released the tracks from Nite Grooves in collaboration with Masahiro Suzuki. Also, her solo debut EP "Nautilus" is scheduled to be released in November 2012 from the dance music label "UNKNOWN season"