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Mario Bianco
Mario Bianco
When you are born in a city like Naples, a city that constantly creates art, a source of inspiration for the greatest artists in the world, it’s hard not to get carried away by its vibrations. Mario Bianco began his DJ activities, producer and remixer in 2000 in the boundless world of House Music. His relentless love for music, creativity, tireless musical research and an enormous passion literally plunged him in the world of DJing and naturally in music production.
His sound is a melting pot between his background made from the great classics of all time, drawing inspiration from artists as diverse as Herbie Hancock, George Duke, Santana, Tony Allen, Joe Zawinul and many others, and new sounds, giving attention to the future with an eye to the past.”
In 2013 his first release called Stepped Out released on Henry Street Music, American underground label where released artists like DJ Sneak, Mark Kinchen, Kenny Dope, Todd Terry, and Louie Vega. In 2014 comes the collaboration with the English singer-songwriter Sabrina Chyld, extraordinary performer Jazz, Soul and Funk, with Fly too high published on Double Cheese Records. In 2015 worth mentioning is the release on Soundmen On Wax Depois que o ilè passarwith Simona Boo of 99Posse, virtuous and eclectic artist, absolute revelation in the Neapolitan scene. The same year saw My Soul Sacrifice published on King Street Music, a track inspired by Carlos Santana and made with a Jam of musicians. In 2016 comes the collaboration with another extraordinary voice: Karen Bernod, background singer for artists like Chaka Khan and Incognito, for her he remix the song Spirit. In the same year it is to report the remix done for the neapolitan violinist Lino Cannavacciulo for the song Sa Lughe. In the summer of 2016 comes the release on Stereo Productions, the renowned label signed by Chus & Ceballos, on which public Siboney, track included in the compilation Balearica 2016. Despite his young age he has collaborated with a long list of artists and international labels, for two years he was the official DJ of “Easy Chic Orchestra” and “Sample” with which he has participated in numerous events in Napoli made a huge success, He has shared the stage with the most influential DJs in the music business over the past 10 years. In constant stimulation, enthusiasm and love for music are the daily bread for his music concept that will bring him definitely beyond patterns and trends.