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Masahiko Uchikawa
Masahiko Uchikawa (Loftsoul Recordings / R2 Records)
DJ Uchikawa Masahiko, who celebrates the 30th anniversary in his DJ life, is a Japanese DJ and music producer, known for release under the name of “Rhythm of Elements”and “LOFTSOUL.” He has been being active since the beginning of the club scene in the 1980’s. He not only has served as a regular DJ at famous clubs around Japan, but also has given a great performance as a guest DJ at a great number of clubs both at home and abroad. His style is always based on “Deep and Soulful”sound, especially among Japanese DJs. And, it is highly respected by domestic and foreign DJs and artists. In addition, he has a good reputation for his sound making and mix sence full of the originality and his activity receives the love call from his big fans all over the world. (omitted) “Rhythm of Elements,” duo DJ Uchikawa Masahiko and Makoto Kuriya, a famous pianist, ever since 1998 has released albums and 12 inches associated with the lebels that represent Europe, the United States and Japan (r2 records, Future Vision, Black Vinyle, Loop Sounds, Asante, Jet Set Records…) and these days it has been acknowledged as a Deep House Unit that represents Japan, so it is a production supported in the underground House scene in the world now. In 2002, he opened a club named “LOFT” at his hometown Ueda, Nagano. With the great sound system, his own connections and his booking sence, it has been praised by lots of DJs and artists. In 2010, he not only started up his own lebel “Loftsoul Recordings,” but also started out a solo project “LOFTSOUL.” He has already released three full-length albums and one remix album, a total of four CD albums, and lots of 12 inch singles from his lebel. He has been organizing the Deep House party “NU DEEP” @AM-RAX and @ZERO in Shibuya and has been playing as a DJ there. He has also been playing around Japan and overseas, such as South Africa, France/Paris,UK/London,Birmingham,Edinburgh,USA/Detroit, Chicago, NYC, LA, South Korean/Seoul.. In 2013, he will release a new album “Global Soul Session,” tracks “Wait For You feat Carla Prather” and “Dear Friend 2013 LOFTSOUL Remix” from the alubum as a preview, a remix work “T-Roy feat Sulene Fflaming/The Rhythm LOFTSOUL Remix.” His activity, never stopping, is more and more energetic!! He is vigorously recording albums under the name of “Rhythm of Elements” “LOFTSOUL” and is planning a new project.