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Mika Blaster
Mika Blaster
is a Dj active since 2011.
The musical passion began with adolescence, then guitarist at age 19 in rock and heavy metal bands.
in 2004-2005, attempts to produce electronic music with the collaboration of a friend (Teddy Mazy aka Benzo)
allowed him to change his style and exploit his influences.
After a long break, it was in 2010, following a complementary club activity (the Fabrik) as a server,
that Dj could be beneficial for the production of house and club music.
At 27, what better than playing vinyl with the technics sl1200!
Mika Blaster was born. From there concepts come. NDDH (Nu Disco Deep House) radio broadcast on Rpl 99fm, 2h mix with a guest.
Then mix industry with "Retro Vinyls only"!
Thanks to these different concepts, Micka was able to rub elbows with other djs who allowed him to play in different clubs and bars of the Lille Douai Béthune region of Valenciennes as well as in Belgium like At the villa and So w'happy festival 2 years in a row.
In 2015, resumption of music production in underground house spirit.
the 1st track "Give a message" by Micka was released in October 2016 on Audaz Recs.
German label of Alkalino. piece made mainly by software and usb controller.
but very quickly the Home studio changes for old 90's samplers and stuff like that for live moceau realizations.
which earned a 2nd release in May 2018 "Presentiment" in collaboration with sS3A, output on vinyl.
Today, the equipment of the studio mastered, EP are targeted!