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Platinum Mindz
Platinum Mindz (DNH Recordings)
Platinum Mindz producers Bakang Mongale and Ishmael Manana . The Duo has been in existence since 2010 June, practicing music composition, Production and live performances .Our Culture is mainly about retaining jazzy and soulful edge , both suitable for club lifestyle and laid back deep lounge sessions which can accommodate and satisfy everybody’s music desire.
In March 2014 1 Shaft Ep was... released under DHN Records a Canada based record label established by the legendary Nick Holder(Summer Daze), featuring a track named Bamboo Straw that made a success, it was also featured on Vick Lavender’s Sophisticato March charts and Yoshi Horino from Tokyo and a track named Sugar Coated Lies that is compiled on Nick Holders 4 pack Bumber Disc under House Afrika that was released on 09/06/2014…
Then Recently released 2 Shaft Ep under DNH Records and also collaborated with Yoshi Horino on a project named Marikana Vibez….
Thank you ladies and Gents for Supporting our Shafts movement …