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Silvano Del Gado
Silvano Del Gado
I was born in Pisa on August 13, 1971.
I am a percussionist, a drummer, a vibraphonist, specialized in Afro Cuban percussion.
My passion for percussion begun at the age of seven when I started playing drums as self-taught, although some years later I abandoned it to devote myself to cycling.
When the sports career stopped due to an accident in 1992 I returned to music, this time more seriously, and under the guidance of a good teacher.
In January '99 I got the opportunity to perform in clubs and I started getting known as Silvano Del Gado, the year after I worked at the 'recording of "Disco Down" and this first experience in a recording studio was really satisfying, especially from the professional point of view. Later I was contacted by Iskra Menarini (vocalist of Lucio Dalla) and I was part of his band during a tour in Australia.
In 2001 I felt the need to make something on my own, and use the valuable collaboration of those who later became my producer, so there was born “Coffee Beat Vol. 1”, followed by Coffee Beat vol.2, vol.3, Del Gado LP, Del Gado vol.4 "Tanque beat," Coffee Beat Vol.5, vol.6., Vol. 7, vol. 8 and Fuck your girl, single release with the label “Cool shift”.
In the meantime I joined the staff of "Supalova Club" led by DJ-producer Joe T Vannelli, and I had worked with the most important DJ’s and production houses’ internationally, as Erick Morillo, Little Louie Vega, Mousse T, etc...
I participated at the opening concert of Vasco Rossi Tour in 2007 and 2008 at the San Siro stadium in Milan and Rome's Olympic alongside David Rossi and MC Cody.
In June 2008, I came out with my new single CHILDREN, a remix of a song of the 90s, and recently I decided to make a change to my way of working in clubs, not just percussion, but also DJ sets, of course all by myself. In 2009 I started a collaboration recording with Paul Cutie DJ Producer of "funkellers," we are doing together many record productions, some of them: "why don’t you look around, Ethno mundo EP, Cabalon ...