UNKNOWN season


T.B. (otonoha / Sólo Le Pido A Dior / UNKNOWN season)
Based in Fukuoka city, Japan, T.B. organises a decent underground techno and electronica party “otonoha” which is leading the local scene for 14years at club “Kieth Flack”, absolutely got the best sound in town for years.

Since otonoha started, T.B has invited many renown international DJs who was not famous yet or who is definitely upcoming today. Not only inviting guest but himself visits many other towns in Kyushu area and some other city in Japan to play. T.B. does dig and mix new and old vinyls to create and keep minimal groove which is something like making us forget about time.

As well as a producer “Ozaki Koichi”, he got another style which sounds more chill out / ambient music with the concept “music breathes with our life”. Several works like music for a night aquarium in Fukuoka, remix work for some musicians from Okinawa in 2008 definitely made him into more music production. In 2013, he released his very 1st album “-refost 13-” which includes some remixes by his favourite domestic artists “fourclour” and “tyme”. And this year 2014, released a single and an album from Solo le Pido a Dior label based in Buenos Aires, also keep working on 2nd album and some more up coming release.

And its start new project in 2014.First release is [drizzle E.P.] with dj ground(CHILL MOUNTAIN).