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Will Simpson
Will Simpson (DJ Omega)
Will Simpson aka DJ Omega has been deep in Detroit's music scene since the age of sixteen when he was talking shop at Record Time with Rick Wade and Mike Huckaby. The fledgling DJ soon found his first residency at the storied east side music theater Harpo's; where at only 17 he held crowds not only at his command, but also captivated. When Detroit techno innovator Juan Atkins heard Omega's "Shake Dat Thang" he sought him out to press the record on Interface Records,a sub-diary of his Metroplex label. 13years later the record is in every ghettotech crate in Detroit. A star is born. Through the next decade Omega would find himself under the tutelage of, and collaborating with many of Detroit's best DJ's. Omega's records are franchise material in the genre. Omega is an innovative producer who weaves grimy Detroit synth in all it's darkest beauty with drum patterns that you cannot help but bob your head to. He is the voice behind some of the most recognizable hooks in Ghettotech; whether they be his own, or one of his collaborations with DJ Godfather "O da hoe's" vocals can be heard on over 100 different releases with some of the founding fathers of the genre ranging from DJ Nasty to DJ Assault. Omega's music was featured in Hong Kong label Technasia's Detroit Ghettotech package" The Godfather Chronicles" in 2005. He was also one of the featured interviews in the DVD documentary portion of the project validating that he is a master of the genre in his own right who is known across the globe proving he is undoubtedly "King Of The Ghettohooks". More eager than ever to give his fans as well as his peers "That Ghetto Shit"